Poker Nights at the Stapleton Tap House

Yep, we’re just a week away from the first weekly Poker Night at the Stapleton Tap House!

Games will be held every Tuesday, initially starting at 7:30, although we may tweak the start time over the first few weeks as we see what customers prefer. We can accommodate 10 players at a time at a table – over 10 and we will have people join in as other drop out. For now it is first come, first served (so get here a little early). We will be prepared for 2 tables the first week and we will see how traffic goes. As you can tell, there’s a bit of a learning curve for us as we get this set up and see how the turnout is. We will have prizes (not cash) with some combo of gift certificates and beer swag.

This is going to be a recreational game – leave your headphones and sunglasses at home! Our goal is for people to have fun… and (of course) drink beer!

Here’s a little info from Steve, the host from Colorado Poker People: “Here are some of the basics; players will begin with 2,000 in chips, greens are 25, blacks 100 purples are 500 and yellows are 1000.  Blinds start at 25/50 and will be raised at 8pm. The blinds will increase to 50/100.  At 8:30 we will take a short brake.  When we resume playing blinds will be 100/200 and will double every 25 minutes or so until we have a winner.  Probably prizes for the top three finishers.”

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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