Dr Acula at the Stapleton Tap House on June 15 for Father’s Day

Dr Acula? What is it?

Brewed by the good folks at Odell Brewing, Dr. Acula is a black ale “brewed with ominous amounts of hops aged in toasted oak giving it a haunting vanilla character to round out the hop flavors. Hints of coconut, mango, papaya in the nose give way to a medium bodied mouth feel. Reminiscent of a dark Mai Tai with vanilla, black cherry, and peach blended with slightly sinister yet sweet malt and sneeky bitter/tart lurks in the finish.”

Its a very limited distribution beer, that we were able to obtain after a chance discussion at a recent beer festival. We’re excited to tap this special beer for Dad on Father’s Day (and we’ll be happy to serve it to anyone over 21 as long as it lasts)! We’re also planning on having a couple of special bottled beers from Odell available!

See you on Sunday!


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