Beers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Beers of the 2014 World Cup

Beers of the 2014 World Cup

Kudos to the folks at The Big Lead (aka USA Today) for creating a graphic showing the “most popular beer from every 2014 World Cup Country.” Its too bad that the criteria, “…the most popular (i.e. best-selling domestically) beers from each of the 32 World Cup countries,” results in Bud Light representing the USA. Of course they are just reporting the facts – and its not really their fault that a product that somewhat resembles beer, and is brewed by a non-US owned multinational corporation, is best-selling beer in the United States. Ahh, the joys of having a HUGE marketing budget…

Click on the image to view in full size (note: we did edit the graphic to make it a little easier to read)

We know that YOU have a better idea of what beer SHOULD represent the USA. So tell us, what would you pick?

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